Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Years ago, Andrew & I saw a TV program about Grey Nomads. People over the age of 50, taking a month or a lifetime 'out' and travelling around Australia in a Winnebago. Enjoying the freedom of travelling from one place to another appealed to us both so much, that we decided it would be our dream. Either that or there's a bit of Gypsy in the both of us :O) The plan is (I know, we plan, God laughs) when Andrew retires, we will buy a camper van out in America and travel around the states. It will take some planning if we're to follow the sunshine but I'm sure it's doable! High on the list of 'things to see' are the North Dakota mountains & Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon & the Pacific ocean. I want to try lobster in Maine & see the autumn leaves in Massachusetts & if Pierce Brosnan will have us, I want tea with him at his house in Malibu lol.

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Kerrie said...

Vanda, this is basically like living on the road in a Bronze six berth. Have you really thought this through?