Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Roofers

Had a funny day yesterday. Andrew had booked the day off work to carry on with the roof but was called back in on an emergency. I thought I was going to spend the morning on my own again until Gemma arrived. She cheered me up no end :O) We went for a walk to Alverstone & back via the squirrel hide but all we saw today were ducks, a grey heron type bird & a lot of cows. Had to go to work at 2pm so left Gem in charge of the camera. Luckily Andrew managed to get home again middle afternoon so he carried on tiling with the help of Liam & Sam. We've been home schooling Elena for a week now, as she's finding it difficult to concentrate in her classes. We've been re-teaching her fractions & decimals which was lucky, as yesterday she had a maths test mainly about fractions! Good job Elena :O)


Kerrie said...

I have come here looking for fridge photos but I am still wanting.

Anonymous said...
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