Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FridgeGate Continued :O)

Good news peeps, we've got a new FRIDGE!!!

After waiting 6 & a half weeks for Samsung to get their act together and sort out my broken fridge, we finally got a new one delivered yesterday. Not everything went as smoothly as you might think, and at the time, the theme tune to Laurel & Hardy was playing in my head.

I had to wait in all day for the fridge to arrive & was convinced that it wouldn't arrive at all, but in the early afternoon 2 blokes turned up. One about my age with a bald head & the other in his late 20's. First thing they said to me was, they hadn't come to deliver the new fridge, they were just there to help the guy who was delivering it. I showed them where the poorly fridge was and offered them a coffee while we waited for the guy with the lorry. While we chatted, I told him the story of why we had to wait 6 weeks to get Samsung to give us a new fridge. He was horrified that we had waited so long but I told him it didn't matter now because it was coming today. By this time no man with a lorry & fridge had turned up, so the younger lad phoned the driver to ask where he was. He was lost so was given directions to our house. I was still not convinced the fridge would turn up. 10 minutes later they went out onto the road to see where he was.
The bloke came back and said that the road was too narrow for the delivery driver to get the fridge to us so he was waiting at the bottom of the road and not to worry because they would wheel it up to the house. He was really lovely and didn't want me to wait any longer for the fridge. Ten minutes later he came back from the bottom of the road fuming. He was so cross and told me that they hadn't even put the fridge on the lorry!!! By this time I was laughing my head off, it was so ridiculous it was funny. He was so apologetic and promised me I would have the fridge by 5pm. He would deliver the rest of the stuff, go back to the depot, get a smaller van and deliver the fridge himself. Bless him, true to his word, by 6pm I had a new fridge. So I truly hope that that is the end of FridgeGate!

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