Monday, October 04, 2010


Usually, when we go on holiday, all I have to think about is packing. We get on a plane, fly somewhere hot & the rest is taken care of. The hardest decision I have to make for 2 weeks is if I can be bothered to get off my backside & go & get a drink!

Florida has been a different kettle of fish altogether. Booking the holiday itself was easy enough. We're staying here at the Quality Inn International on I-Drive, Orlando.
Not the most spectacular looking complex but for £200 each (plus clubcard points) for 2 weeks including flights who can moan! The rooms have all been renewed & it comes with lots of positive reviews. That will do for me.

We are hiring a car & sat nav to get around Florida, it will be an experience.

This is our itinerary ...

Day 1) Islands of Adventure & the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Day 2) Animal Kingdom
Day 3) Typhoon Lagoon
Day 4) Rest & Relaxation
Day 5) Epcot & the Billy Ocean Concert
Day 6) Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom
Day 7) Rest & Relaxation
Day 8) Hollywood Studios
Day 9) Blizzard Beach
Day 10) Kissimee Swamp Tours
Day 11) Halloween so we're going Trick or Treating at Downtown Disney
Day 12) Kennedy Space Centre
Day 13) Magic Kingdom

It's not set in stone, it's just a helping hand to stop any "bananas" forming due to lack of decision making.

We have decided our codeword for our trip is banana. Why? Well we've read a trip report on 'The Dibb' & shamelessly copied the idea. When I read it I nearly cried laughing so we've "adopted" it.

The explanation ... we decided that it would be a good idea that if anyone was feeling a bit grumpy they should let everyone else know so we could avoid annoying the grumpy person any more. Well, that evolved into discussing a code word to be used and as we’re all Family Guy fans the code word we decided on was ‘banana’. (From an episode in the second series called ‘Let’s go to the hop’ when Lois and Peter are involved in some activity where they need to have a nominated safety word; anyway….I digress). So, our codeword is banana, with an optional upgrade to apricot if things are really bad!

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