Friday, November 05, 2010

Holiday Blues!

Warning!!! If you're feeling slightly depressed, don't read any further.

The plan was to go back to Hollywood Studios today for a few hours before taking the car back to the airport hire car centre. We were so late last night getting back to the hotel, we had a lay in this morning. We checked out of the 'Not Much Quality Inn' by 10:30 and headed to Downtown Disney to check in our suitcases at the Virgin Desk next to Cirque de Soliel.

We wandered around the shops and restaurants and had lunch at Paradiso 37. Well Gemma & Elena did. The music was making my headache worse so Andrew & I left the girls and wandered around outside for a while.

I woke up this morning with the headache from hell, or more like we were all woken up 3 times at something silly o'clock, which was the cause of my bad head. Andrew's phone went off, which stuck us all to the ceiling. The last thing you need when you're fast asleep is Yoda shouting in your ear "message from the dark side there is". It was Sandown High School texting about some 6th form meeting being postponed! Then, if that wasn't bad enough, Gemma tried to get a drink & knocked the bottle onto the floor. We had all got back to sleep when she turned over and knocked it off again. Love you really Gem :O) So sleep was not the order of the day, oh well. I'm not really moaning, I just think the holiday blues have started early. I hate going home.

At the airport and to kill some time I asked everyone 5 questions and here are the answers ...

1) What was the best bit about the holiday?
Andrew ... Harry Potter
Vanda ... Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
Gemma ... Meeting Eeyore
Elena ... The food

2) What was the worst bit about the holiday?
Andrew ... Dinner at Quality Inn
Vanda ... Quality Inn
Gemma ... Quality Inn
Elena ... Quality Inn

3) The nicest food?
Andrew ... Bahama Breeze
Vanda ... Bahama Breeze / Hard Rock Cafe
Gemma ... Olive Garden / House of Blues
Elena ... Chinese at Epcot

4) The best theme park ride?
Andrew ... The Forbidden Journey (Islands of Adventure)
Vanda ... Toy Story Mania (Hollywood Studios)
Gemma ... Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)
Elena ... The Hulk (Islands of Adventure)

5) The best theme park?
Andrew ... Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure
Vanda ... Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure
Gemma ... World Show Case at Epcot
Elena ... Typhoon Lagoon

After that we did some people watching. Now Andrew doesn't usually come out with funny stuff, but when he does, it's priceless. A big fat lady was stood talking to some other people and when I say she was big, she was huge. Her arms were covered with tattoos of cup cakes. I'm not kidding, there was a picture of every kind of cake you could imagine. Well we all wondered if she had got cake rash due to eating so many. Andrew said, "I wonder if she can get fresh cream for that?"

Weather ... doesn't matter because we're going back to the wind & rain tonight.

Nothing else to tell you apart from 9 & 1/2 hours & no sleep later, we landed at Gatwick. Caught the train & boat & train back home and got in just after 1pm ... shattered. Would I do it again? Hell yes, give me a couple of hours to pack my bag :O)

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K said...

I think I would have given Yoda a good smack.
I must get the address of the " Not So Quality Inn"
I enjoyed sharing your holiday with you. Glad Elena enjoyed " The Food " LOL.
See you Monday.