Friday, November 05, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star

Tuesday 2nd November

It's our last day today so we had to go back to Magic Kingdom for the Wishes fireworks. On the way, we called in at Wallmart, so Gemma could buy her 4th Generation iPod Touch. She was so disappointed when they didn't have any left. We promised her we would try again later.

We arrived at Magic Kingdom just in time to catch the midmorning street parade.
The Halloween decorations have been so pretty, even down to the themed flower beds.
We walked around to the Harbour House Cafe to see what time it stopped serving food, as Andrew was fancying some more Clam Chowder soup.
By then it was time for our reservation at Crystal Palace. The home of both Gemma & Elena's favourite Disney Characters, Eeyore & Piglet.
There was a huge 'all you can eat' buffet, with everything you could think of from soup to strawberries.

As we ate, the characters from Winnie the Pooh came round to see us.
It took us a while to realise it had started raining outside. By rain I mean throwing it down :O)
After lunch we ran into the shop to buy ponchos, which was no easy task with a full belly. In Great British tradition we carried on despite the weather & headed for Tom Sawyer Island. I'd love to say it was unmissable, but it truly wasn't. We made our own fun though by jumping in puddles and bouncing on the rickety bridge made of barrels. Andrew was so enthusiastic he actually broke his shoe lol and Elena nearly landed in the lake she was laughing so much.
We escaped from the island by boat. We caught the train to Toontown to see where Mickey & Minnie live. First stop Mickey's House.
It didn't take us long to find Andrew some new shoes ;O)
Donald had been helping Mickey decorate his kitchen.
Mickey's garden was much tidier.
We had our photo with them before exploring Minnie's House.
The rain had just about stopped as we entered Toontown so I could get my camera out again.
After a good look round we headed back to Fantasy Land to have one last go on Gemma's favourite ride, Peter Pan.
We walked over to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin as we 'd enjoyed it so much the last time.
And then it was back, past the castle to the Harbour House cafe for tea.
We just had to go back into the Christmas shop to stock up on baubles & right opposite was the Hallowen shop for Elena :O)
After tea we watched the Electrical parade. We were really lucky as the earlier one had been cancelled because of the rain.
Then it was time for the Wishes fireworks which were quite spectacular.
We left around 11pm & programmed the sat nav for a different Wallmart where, I'm happy to say, Gemma found her iPod touch.

Weather ... 26 degrees today with rain, rain & more rain. Not complaining though, it's the first time we've seen any since we've been here.

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