Friday, November 05, 2010

Kissimee Swamp Tours

Saturday 30th October

We drove down to Kissimee Lake today to visit Capt. Rob at Kissimee Swamp Tours. One of the things we wanted to do on holiday was have a go on an airboat. (Upload picture later) It took just over an hour to drive there. I can't believe how flat Florida is (or the parts of it we've seen). Don't think I've ever seen anywhere as flat before.
(Photo taken from the car out of the front right seat! Look, no steering wheel lol)
At the end of what seemed like an endless road we found the lake & the airboat station. We donned headphones & climbed aboard the airboat with Captain Mike. Gemma & Andrew sat on the top seats with Me & Elena at the bottom.
The tour lasted 90 minutes which in reality seemed like 10. It was brilliant, and we saw so much wildlife, from Bald Eagles to Aligators, (some only a year or so old)
to Day Lillies and long grasses & lily pads.
At one point we were sat on just 4" of water! It was fab & even Gemma said she thoroughly enjoyed herself even though she hadn't been looking forward to it.

We drove back to Orlando and stopped for afternoon tea at Bahama Breeze. Carried on to Universal to see Harry Potter (for the 3rd time :O)) and managed to get to Universal before the main park closed at 5pm, so queued up for Shrek 4D.
It was brilliant and well worth doing. We walked back into Islands of Adventure so Elena could have another go on the Hulk Roller Coaster with Gemma, while Andrew & I grabbed a drink. Then it was off again to see Harry Potter. I don't think the photos need much explanation if you are Harry Potter mad (like us). The frog box opened and closed to reveal the chocolate frog inside.
Sirius Black's picture was moving.
As were the Bludgers in the Quidditch box :O)
I think this wizard must have lost his owl?
Gilderoy Lockhart stood preening himself lol.
New member of Beaubatons & Durmstrang. (May need to lose a bit of weight first!)
My favourite roof tops
This way to Hogwarts.
Slytherin & Gryfindor wizards :O)
Hogsmeade station.
The post office.
Some of them are a bit pants because of the light and the glass but I did my best :O)

This is what your feet look like after a day wearing flip flops around the parks ... eek!
Weather ... 28 degrees again today, blue skies & sunshine. Another perfect day.

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