Friday, November 05, 2010

Halloween at Downtown Disney

Sunday 31st October

It's Halloween today. Usually back in England, it's freezing cold, grey skies and dark early but we were at Blizzard Beach where it looked freezing cold but was gorgeous and warm.
The water wasn't quite as warm as Typhoon Lagoon, which was a shame, but we had a brilliant time never the less. The themeing made up for it and some of it was so funny. These ski tracks on the top of this roof
were directly opposite the shop. That is a proper hole in the side of the shop lol.
It's no surprise that most of the day was spent floating around Cross Country Creek.
I adore lazy rivers, there's something so peaceful & calming about floating around in a rubber ring watching the world go by, heaven.
Halfway round is a house that talks. Every so often it pretends to sneeze, just like you do when you're a kid, emphasising the achoo.
At the end of the sneeze, it squirts really cold water out of the chimney on unsuspecting guests as they float by. There's enough of a delay that, if you're quick, you can get passed without getting squirted. If you have just your backside poking through the middle (like me) you rely on your friends & family to propel you through this obstacle. BUT if you have a daughter like Gemma, you get held under it whether you want to be there or not. Wouldn't you think that if you were squealing for help, your loving husband would rescue you? Nope, not a helping hand in sight. I wanted a Knight in Shining Armour and all I got (according to Elena) was an idiot in tinfoil lol.

In between lazy rivering (if that is even a word?) we rode lots of the water slides. The easiest way to get up the mountain to Teamboat Springs & Summit Plummit, was to use the ski lift.
This was at the bottom of teamboat springs.
And this was at the bottom of Summit Plummit ... Gemma
& Elena!
Let me tell you a bit about Summit Plummit. It's a 120ft high water slide that drops riders down the mountain side at 50 - 60 mph & is the most scariest thing you have ever seen. It starts off just under the triangular roof you can see at the top of the photo & ends up at the bottom.
OMG ... needless to say, Andrew & I didn't venture on it. I take my hat off to the 2 brave ones though.

We left the waterpark just before tea and drove to Downtown Disney to the House of Blues.
The music was fab & so was the food. Then joined in with everyone else trick or treating. It was heaving with people but everyone was in good spirits and the atmosphere was brill.
Loads of people were dressed up in costumes and Elena had a ball. We walked in & out of nearly every shop including the biggest Lego store I've ever seen
with a full size 'Nessie' outside in the lake :O)
Photos taken on the waterproof camera.

Weather ... 28 degrees, warm & sunny!

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