Friday, November 05, 2010

Mickey's Halloween Party

Tuesday 26th October

We enjoyed Typhoon Lagoon so much last time we went back today.
It's a wonderful place and easy to spend 6 or 7 hours just messing about in the water.
We had the same lunch as last time, hot dogs, chips (ready salted crisps) & fruit.
After lunch we hit the water slides again and had a ball.
We had to leave at about 4:30pm because we had a date at Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse at his "Not So Scary Halloween Party".

We took the ferry this time and didn't feel out of place at all as 90% of the other guests were dressed up for the party.
We arrived just in time for the parade. I just love all the characters & the music they dance to.
After the parade we went to find something to eat & chose Cosmic Rays. Not a very good choice unfortunately but hey ho. As we were already in Tomorrow Land the 3 Musketeers went on Space Mountain.
I joined in with them on the next 3 rides, Stitch, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor & Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.
We were given candy at trick or treat stations along the way.
We walked back to the Haunted Mansion, (we had to go in the Haunted Mansion tonight after all) and had 2 special photopass photographs taken. One on Liberty Landing & the other outside the mansion. I'll upload them when they arrive.

We watched the Hallowishes Fireworks at 9pm. They were amazing and the lights on the castle kept changing to the Nightmare Before Christmas music they were playing.
Elena visited the Halloween shop & spent her holiday money on loads of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. Two Americans dressed up as Jack Skellington & Sally posed for a photograph with her.
We found a spot again ready to watch the 10:30pm Boo to You Halloween Parade. It started off with the Headless Horseman galloping through the crowds.
Photo from the web, mine was a bit pants lol.
Even though the park was packed with people & it was really hot, we had a fantastic time. The atmosphere was electric. It was my favourite night so far :O)

Weather ... Another gorgeous hot & sunny day with a high of 32 degrees. We haven't seen a drop of rain so far either!

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