Friday, November 05, 2010


Monday 25th October

Had a lay in today and got to Epcot about Midday.
Everytime we have visited a park we have taken a photo of the row where we parked the car, as the car parks are huge. Today at Epcot was no exception. The reason I'm telling you this is that last night we went to Wallmart. Parked up, did the shopping, came out & spent 20 minutes trying to find the car lol. We hadn't even thought to remember where it was!!
Anyway, the 3 Musketeers (the brave ones) rode Mission Space, a motion simulator that realistically mimics what an astronaut might experience during a space flight to Mars.
Then we made our way to Mexico in World Showcase to have lunch at the St Angel. The theme was fantastic & so was the food.
After lunch we explored the rest of Mexico
Don't know if you can read Andrew's new T-shirt. It has a picture of Grumpy on the front and says ... I'm right, you're wrong, any questions?

We walked into Norway, the land of the Vikings.
Then watched the acrobats in China.
It was so hot that we bought parasols from the Chinese stall where the lady wrote our names on them in Chinese.
Germany was very pretty
& so was Italy.
Half way round, just opposite America, we sat & watched a 30 minute concert with Billy Ocean. Any excuse to sit down & take the weight off our feet :O)
World Showcase was holding a Food & Wine Festival where you could try authentic food from lots of countries for just a couple of Dollars.
So Gemma & I tried Sushi from Japan.
Ist time we'd had it and it was surprisingly nice.
We also tried Cheese Fondue with baby potatos & croutons from France. By the time we got round to France it was dark.
We picked a spot around the entrance to World Showcase & waited for the Light & fireworks show 'Reflections of Earth'.
We left Epcot around 10:30pm & it was still lovely & warm.
Weather ... 32 degrees, it was really hot today but it didn't stop us. Hot is better than cold any day in my book :O)

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K said...

Am I dedecting a fetish for silly headgear?
You were really working that camera as well. I enjoyed my little trip around the world here.