Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Christmas!!!

It's official, we are all ready (at last) for Christmas! Cards have been posted, presents bought, the freezer's full and the house has been decorated in twinkling lights and everything that glitters. Lisa's made the 2010 bauble for us this year using Fimo & we couldn't resist buying some fun Disney baubles from America to go with the mountain we seem to already have :O)

I've decided I love Christmas shopping. The girls give me a list of things they would like and I sit at my laptop & buy them online whilst drinking tea & listening to Christmas songs on the music channel. No queues, no hustle & bustle, no headache and the postman does all the hard work :O)

Andrew's been working hard putting all the finishing touches to the dining room. Not only that he has come up with a new soup that beats the socks off any soup I've tasted before. Last week it was mushroom soup which really had the wow factor, but this week it's vegetable soup with sweet chestnuts. It's absolutely delicious & the envy of all my workmates as the smell wafts through the gap of my office door into the corridor.

The weather outside is frightful so it's a good job that inside is so delightful ... Happy Christmas!!!

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K said...

Glad you are feeling festive. I got your card today thanks.Recipe for Snowball, Advocaat same amount of lemonade a dash of lime and Voila. Lovely,..Probably not as yummy as Andrews soup.Mushroom my favourite.
We are hoping to go to and from Mum and Dads without ending up face down in a snow drift, so wish us luck.
Have a great time, wishing you and yours lots of Christmas love.