Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Blue Lights For You!

I've done some things in my life but today takes the biscuit. Picture the scene. I'm sat in my little office listening to 'Enola Gay' on the radio whilst verifying some invoices, when Andy (the boss) pops his head round the door and asks, "do you fancy driving an ambulance?"
I kid you not lol. Of course I jumped at the chance. The mechanic who was going to be driving the 2nd vehicle was a bit wary of letting a middle aged woman loose at the wheel of an ambulance. I think he knew what was going through my head. 80 miles an hour, blue lights flashing & siren whaling, yes please, I'll have some of that !!! He asked me if I could drive such a big vehicle? Well I've got a Nissan Serena, does that count? He was worried that my licence didn't cover that type of vehicle. Quick check, yes it does. He walked with me just to make sure I could find the indicators & lights & believe it or not I found them, all by myself. Funny that. When you've been driving since you were 18 it's amazing what you pick up over the years :O)

We set off, it was fab. I loved every minute of it although both he & Andy told me in no uncertain terms that I was not aloud to press ANY buttons and I HAD to keep to the speed limits, I still had a great time.

The reason for the outing, well one ambulance had to go to the garage in Wootton to have some sort of work done & the other had to have a road test. So when I got to the garage I reversed into a parking space (because the grounds were too small to turn it round) picked up the mechanic & drove him back to work.

I always fancied being a delivery driver but if I go for another job, I'm going to apply to the NHS :O)

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K said...

Wow ,how did you resist putting the siren on?
Happy New Year dear Vanda hopefully it will be Flea free.