Monday, March 07, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Yes March is here again and this month is packed with birthdays. I have a theory! March is 9 months after June and we all know it's 'Father's Day' in June. I'll let you think about that one ;O)

It was Lisa's birthday on the 1st and we all went out to the Bargeman's Rest in Newport to celebrate. It was a double celebration, because after nearly 12 months of working very hard as a volunteer at Sandown High School, she managed to gain a GTP. So come September, she will have a job as a teacher! Proud isn't the word :O)

Gemma's birthday was Saturday and we all went out to the Dairyman's Daughter in Arreton. We had a lovely meal and caught up with all the news. Gemma's working on her NVQ at the moment so again, I'm a very proud Mum :O)

Not sure what happened to the camera but it didn't seem to want to take any photos? Nothing's wrong with it, it's the person pressing all the buttons that has a problem at the moment??? Here's a photo of Gemma & Lisa in March 1997.
We treated them to a trip to London to see HeathCliffe & then went back stage afterwards to meet Sir Cliff himself.


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