Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camera Club

Went to the camera club again tonight. Couldn't resist stopping to take a photo of the hay bails in the field first.
We learnt about aperture priority mode & the way it was explained was brilliant. Everything I've read so far has made it sound complicated but tonight it was made simple & I actually understood it. Talk about a light bulb moment! We're off to the Botanical Gardens in Ventnor on Saturday to practice.

Andrew's had the last 2 days off work and finished decorating the hall, landings & stairs. I say landings because our house is on 3 levels. It's great having the space but has it's draw backs when it comes to painting & cleaning. He's made a great job of it and now the carpets down it feels like home again.

The cavity wall insulation has been done too. The guys were drilling holes in the walls around 9:30 this morning much to Elena's disgust :O) We should be all warm & cosy now this winter. Not that we're thinking of winter yet! Were dreaming of holidays in the sun ... only 68 more days until we go to Mexico!!!

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