Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chichen Itza Mexico

The second trip we booked on our holiday was a visit to Chichen Itza or Chicken Pizza as it's more affectionately known in are family. It's THE reason we went to Mexico and we weren't disappointed. I think it always helps to go to ancient ruins with a guide who can explain some of the history surrounding the place you visit. Otherwise it could end up just being a pile of stones. 

It was quite a long coach ride so we stopped half way for refreshments and to visit a flea market where Mexicans were actually making the handycrafts they sold.

By the time we reached Chichen Itza it was lunchtime so we visited a local hotel for a Mexican Buffet.

Making Tortillas
Our first glimpse of Chichen Itza was through the jungle foliage.

3 Faces

All over Chicken Pizza, the Mayan people were trying to sell their wares. They weren't a nuisance & it didn't feel like running the gauntlet like it does in other countries, but it did detract slightly from the place we were visiting. Having said that, our guide said "at least they are selling something they have made rather than begging or selling illegal substances". There's always a bright side :O)
At the end of the road was one of the Cenotes that dot the landscape of the Yucatan Penninsular.

We visited another Cenote, Ik- Kil. This time we could swim in it, well after climbing down 94 steps!

The camera on full zoom.
If you look really closely you can see Elena & Andrew swimming. Yes I did go in, I walked down all 94 steps, swam, walked to the top, took some photos, walked back down with the camera and walked back up them again! What you have to do to get the photos you want .. phew!

Some idiots brave folks, were jumping in!
The top of the Cenote.

The next few photos were taken out of the coach window on the way back to the hotel. 

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