Sunday, November 13, 2011

Waiting For Hurricane Rina

The hurricane that never was. The first week at our hotel we had a piece of paper put under the door saying, "Hurricane Warning. On Thursday please stay in your room all day and don't come out until someone says it's safe to do so. Food would be provided & there are plenty of drinks & bottled water inside your fridge."

The drama of it all was brill. Windows were boarded up...

the beach was cleared...
& sunbeds were tied down & put in the pool.

Thursday morning we were told that the Hurrican wasn't due to hit Tulum until 1pm in the afternoon so breakfast was being served. Off we went, via the beach of course.

Later on we were told that the Hurricane was going to hit about 7pm so please come & have lunch. It was boring staying in for the evening but we found out the next morning that, at the very last minute, it had been down graded to a tropical storm so all was well.

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