Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing Olympics

Just needed to say congratulations to all the Brits taking part in the 2008 Olympic Games. With all the medals they have won, so far Britain is 3rd on the medal table today with 12 Gold, 7 Silver & 8 Bronze. Can you imagine if we were as big as the US or China ~ nobody would stand a chance lol. Well done!!

Of course we have been trying our best in the H*****d household practising on the Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. We are hoping for places in the 2012 games, fingers crossed. My speciality is archery & single sculls. Well I say speciallity, it's the only 2 games I can manage as my hand eye coordination is pretty poor I can tell you. It's when the gang are telling me to press 'A' and I can't even find the flippin 'A' button ROFL!!

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