Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Duchess

Kerri came round yesterday so showed her the new carpets that were fitted in Elena's room. We went to Ryde after Elena had got home from school to pick up a second hand guitar that I'd found on Wightbay. Elena loves it :O) Went to the cinema & watched The Duchess. It wasn't the best film I'd seen but I did recognise a lot of Chatsworth House which was fab. It's based on a true story which was really interesting. Made me & Kerri grateful of the life we lead nowadays. Next time we start moaning we are just going to think of the way the Duke of Devonshire treated his wife lol.

It's Kerri's birthday today. I received a text message from her this morning (remember the gift I bought) saying ... I just wet myself laughing. It's not the beak it's the motion! When I opened it I thought ahh, you know me so well ... phew, she's still talking to me then lol.

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