Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dying Changes Everything

OMG I've just watched Episode 1 of the new series of House ~ Dying Changes Everything & I don't want Wilson to go :O( I'm sure he won't but then I was sure that Daniel wasn't dead in Stargate lol.

It wasn't as emotionally charged as the Season 4 finale but I still enjoyed it. It's really strange though. I don't know if the writers intended the story line of House & Wilson to be the most prominent part or whether it was me being more interested in their relationship than the actual case. I started watching House because I loved the puzzle & how each one was solved but now I care more about the characters personal lives (shock) I hope I'm not going to turn into a soap addict after all these years of boycotting stuff like Coronation Street & Eastenders!!!

Last night I received an e-mail from Lisa with photos of her room now she's sorted it all out. Loving the new Ikea shelves Lisa but OMG that's the biggest indoor TV aeriel I think I've ever seen. It looks like something out of Mork & Mindy ~ Mork calling Orson, come in Orson lol . Only kidding, as long as you can watch TV sweetie xXx

She sent me a text message the other day too ... Good morning Mum. Would you please be able to e-mail Liam your CV because he needs 2 do one for his course. Miss you lots & love you 2 the end of the universe & back send my love to Dad & Elena tb xxx ... My heart melted :O)

Found a secondhand guitar on Wightbay last night too (The islands answer to e-bay) so I'm taking Elena to look at it after school. It's only £10 and looks very similar to the one my Dad had years ago.

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