Saturday, September 06, 2008

Viva Pinata

I treated Elena to the Viva Pinata game today, on the DS. Liam treated Lisa to the Xbox 360 version of it too. So guess what they're doing this afternoon? Lisa loved the original version and would play nothing else :O)

It's Liam's last night with us tonight. He goes off to start his 2nd year at Uni tomorrow. He seems excited about it but probably doesn't want to leave Lisa. They have the rest of their life together but that's easy for me to say isn't it. It will be starnge without him & then even stranger when Lisa goes next week.

Elena started back at drama this morning and has been asked to perform in 'Roman Roots' again. This time {drum roll please} infront of Prince Edward!!! How cool is that. She needs to be at the rehearsal next Saturday and we need to be in Roehampton next Saturday too. Isn't that always the way! Gemma has very kindly offered to look after her for the day whilst we take Lisa & all her stuff up to Uni. I have the best family in the world don't I :O)

Last but not least, a photo from the Bestival (which I can hear as I sit typing this through closed windows/doors & heavy rain ~ 6 miles away) don't know who they are but look at the mud ;O)And a video from You Tube ROFL ~ here

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