Monday, September 22, 2008

Holiday Fund Courtesy of Mr T

Been to Tesco today and got another couple of hundred points. I'm on the 20k mark this quarter, as my target was 30k I'm right on track. 30k in points will give me £300 in club card deals or T£1200 towards another holiday :O) (T£ are Tesco pounds lol)

The aim is to go back to Jamaica in 2010, so I will probably need about £7000 as I'm paying for at least 5 of us. By my reckoning it will take 18months to do but as I have T£950 left over from the Maldives trip & another T£1200 in November we should be able to book a holiday just before Christmas next year (fingers, toes, legs & eyes crossed).

I need one of those thermometers, that they have outside churches when they are collecting money for the roof fund. Then I will have something that will show how far off the target we are.

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