Sunday, September 21, 2008

Red Arrows Part 2

I'm at work at the moment, done the banking, petty cash, arrivals & departure lists for tomorrow etc. At 11am though everything stopped. Armed with a cup of tea each, me & Tim went outside, Tim with his scanner, and watched and listened to another display from the Red Arrows :O) They are AMAZING, I can't explain how thrilling it is to watch them. They are so graceful, so precise, so flipping brilliant. Today they drew a red heart in the sky & because the holiday park is at the back of Sandown we got to see where they fly when they all split up before doing the next stunt ~ right over our heads!! We could see the markings on the planes & the cockpit that's how close they were. The noise that follow them is deafening but thrilling at the same time. Listenning to them on Tim's scanner just added another dimension to the display. The noises they were making, you could just imagine the G's they were pulling. Then before each formation they would say, Lancaster, Phoenix etc. depending on what shape they made. Bank right, smoke on, smoke off, just flippin amazing. I LOVE them :O)

Elena was at drama yesterday so missed them so Andrew took her down to Yaverland this morning. Apparently she has taken loads of photos so I'll upload some later.

Wow, this is what happens when I leave Elena in charge of the camera :O) How cool are those photos :O)

Lisa & Liam have gone back to Uni this afternoon, they came and said goodbye to me this afternoon at work. They both have Fresher's Week starting tomorrow so hopefully they will have plenty of fun.

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