Friday, September 19, 2008

Red Arrows

Oooo it's that time of year again. The WhiteAir Festival is at Yaverland and this morning the Red Arrows did a display over Sandown Bay. We LOVE the Red Arrows, Britain at it's best :O) I wouldn't have missed it for the world. We met Mum & Dad down there along with Uncle Joe (the taller) & Auntie Val. So the Red Arrows started their display by flying over Culver with their headlights on in perfect formation. They amazed us with their maneuvers. The sun was really bright, just over the bay, which made it impossible to take any decent photos because you just couldn't see anything in the screen. I gave it my best shot so here goes. They did more & more daring flypasts, weaving round each other some looked as though they were actually going to touch the sea, they flew so low. Best of all, and I've never seen them do this before, they drew a heart in the sky ~ how cool is that!!! Andrew & I walked home along the sea front past a little beach cafe called strollers. The people that own strollers are great, they have a wicked sense of humour. Each beach hut they own has a different name like 'It Aint Half Hut Mum' and 'Feeling Hot, Hot, Hut' lol. The gaps between the huts have names too like 'Vertic Alley' & 'Dontdillyd Alley' lol. Well today they had road signs up ...

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