Monday, October 20, 2008

Baking For England

Went to pick up some Lego for Max today from Woollies so it was a good excuse to see Gemma. She was bursting with excitement ~ she has found a flat!! It's fully furnished with Internet connection & Freeview TV. It's in a lovely area but she can only have it for 3 months. The idea being she can look around for another one in the meantime. I hope she find one :O)

Not done a lot today, work, Tesco's, housework, tea. The tablets have now taken affect & I feel nauseous (I was warned lol). I'm not complaining though as they have cleared up the infection which is all that matters.

Andrew's sister phoned last night and asked if we could take quilts & pillows for everyone on Saturday as well as 2 x airbeds (good job we have plenty of room in the bus as Andrew's in the kitchen as I type, baking for England). We've got Christmas presents to take as well as a food hamper for Claire & a surprise for Teresa. Not only that, we have to take loads of clothes so we can stay rugged up against the cold & damp of the Derbyshire Hills :O)

Today's word at HSMSHS is 'Set' so here's mine.


SuzyB said...

Do you want my address for that gorgeous looking bakery item?

Gorgeous sun set and look at your new banner (swoon swoon!)

SuzyB said...
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Teresa said...

Hi Honey :O)
Wow! Gemma's got a flat?! Oooh and she'll have it over Christmas too, i can see her having lots of fun 'trimming up'. I can remember how exciting my first house was and all the fun i had making it mine. I hope she finds one of her own soon cos 3 months will fly by. Get her to take some photos and put them on your blog cos i'd love to see it. When does she move in?
Thank you very much for helping me get the Lego for Max and pass the my thanks on to the lovely Skateboard Steve and our gorgeous Gemma and everyone one involved in 'Mission: L.E.G.O.' PMSL I really do appreciate everyones efforts :O)
I'm sorry to hear your tablets are making you feel sick, sweetie :O( but if they are working then you shouldn't have to be on them too much longer. Here's a anti-sickness hug just for you {{{{{Vanda}}}}} I love your photos, the flapjack looks like you can reach out and pick it of the screen (better not show our Josh LOL) I'm sorry that my blog seems to getting a bit dull, we are struggling with Jake again :O( and its taking up lots of my time and the connection is pants at the moment so i'm struggling with my photos. I did have some fab ones of the ploughing match but gave up after trying to upload on and off all day.
Love you lots and i am really looking forward to seeing you all (its the only thing keeping me sane at the moment) lots of kisses Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx