Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today's HSMSHS word is Reflection. We spotted this bridge when we walked around the grounds of Lisa's University last September. You would never think it was in the middle of London. It was sooo peaceful & full of wildlife :O) Yesterday, a gentleman called David contacted me through one of the Family History websites. He sent me these entries of marriage from the Hurst Parish Registers. Unfortunately he isn't a direct descendant of George Hunter Horrocks, he is only interested in the Lomas family who married into our family. Samuel Lomas married George's daughter Mary Alice. Photos of Gemma's flat :O)


Bobs said...

Oh - isn't that just gorgeous!!!
I love finding things like this .... makes it seem like you're the very first person to discover it!


Rach said...

Where do I start? I love todays picture it looks sooo peaceful. I could stay on your blog all day just gazing at house longingly or is that lustfully. Family history is so fascinating I have my Mum's side back to the 1600's and one side of my Dad's back to 1806 in India but I am now struggling with the other side. Enjoy your day. x

Rach said...

I know exactly what you mean about Hugh Laurie I didn't look twice at him until House. He must be one of those men who improve with age! x

Cheyne said...

Very pretty and peaceful.

Hazel said...

Stunning shot for today.

Teresa said...

OMG!! that flat is gorgeous!!! is it the upstairs one? it looks like it is. Is there anything she needs or does it come equipped with everything?

Well done you, with the family history stuff :O) and i think yourphoto of the bridge is fab. It looks like its from a secret garden, very peaceful and calming to look at.

Love you lots (counting the days)
Teresa xxx