Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mother Christmas

I'm doing very well so far with my Christmas presents :O) This year I thought I would split the shopping into 3 parts ~ presents for the girls & Andrew ~ presents for family & friends ~ presents for the stockings. I've done a budget so I know how much I have to spend on each person.

So far I've managed to buy the majority of gifts for family & friends with the exception of Nik who is very difficult to buy for lol. I've got an idea but Andrew didn't seem very impressed with it when I got out the shower this morning & announced my plan. Mind you that could be because he was just waking up at the time (he has a lot to put up with doesn't he). He did that man thing of hesitating for a split second longer than he should have done, which always leads to me doubting my original idea ... men lol!

So the next job is to buy 3 x M&S gift vouchers for the grandparents, a gift voucher for Jack, a pressie for Max & I'm nearly there :O) I'm hoping a trip to Newport this week will sort all that out. I have to do it in small shopping trips because I'm not a great lover of shopping.

Talking of shopping, Kerri has gone to the mainland today on a shopping spree with Nicky!! Kerri LOVES shopping & is shopping like a woman possesed at the moment according to the text message I've just recieved lol. I'm at work ~ saving money!! Actually, I would have loved to have gone with them for a girlie day out but we never get the time off work together *tut*. Looking on the bright side though, this is the last Sunday I have to work this year ~ yipee!!

Lisa & Liam have to go back to Uni today. I think they have had a lovely weekend, the weather's been especially good for this time of year. It's been great to see them both :O)

Spent last night tarting up my blog after finding the pictures of Hugh Laurie. Then when I'd changed it all, the clock didn't match so changed that too. I've really got to knuckle down over the next couple of days and get organised for our week away.

Just had a final tot up of Tesco Clubcard points for this quarter and .... drum roll please .... 35263pts so £1410.52 for the Jamaican Holiday fund. This plus the £952 leftover from last quarter has given us a good start :O)

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