Friday, October 17, 2008

Baking In The Sunshine

The word today at HSMSHS is Bake. We have this saying at our house, too many cooks get under Andrew's feet lol. Andrew is a fab cook & Elena is a fab baker of all things cake (see this post here) so I have been made redundant in the kitchen lol. So to come up with a photo today has proven quite difficult. I was hanging the washing on the line this morning trying to think what I could do and it occurred to me there is one type of baking I absolutely love, baking in the Caribbean sunshine :O) So here's yet another photo from our holiday in May (I know it's a bit of a cheat). Andrew didn't know I had taken this photo of him. I think it's lovely :O) This is about as chilled & relaxed as he gets awww.

Just before bed last night, we had a cup of tea and I nipped over to Teresa's blog to see if she had posted a photo for yesterday's word ~ Hold. Well I nearly spat my tea out, just have a look at 'Teresa's Blog' (not for the faint hearted) ROFLMAO, she cracks me up, I couldn't stop laughing. I must say they are pretty cool photos. I can't work out who took them though? AND I daren't even let my mind wonder at what happened next ;O)


Hazel said...

What a cool 'bake' photo - love it!

Diana said...

That's a great way to bake but hope he has LOADS of sun cream on that body! The sun is viscious.

Love from Di

Cheyne said...

Great take on bake!

Teresa said...

Awww bless him, its nice to see him chillin. I hope he didn't get too burnt, love the pic!!. Glad you liked my photos of 'hold' LOL I got a nice comment from Hazel too, my first unrelated visitor.
Love ya lots
Tree xxx

Kerri said...

Hi Vanda I love your blog and I am feeling inspired for when my new lap top comes but I fear I may publish my darkest thoughts and scare my friends and family!! Lovin Andrew just chillin but I feel this photo lacks something... Oh yes where are the yellow rubber rings?
Big kiss Kerri