Saturday, October 18, 2008

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

We woke up to a usual Saturday morning, breakfast, drama & Tescos. Managed to use up all of the last Tesco points coupons including 500pts when I ordered 2 calendars for Christmas. Not bad as they were buy one get one free so I paid £9 for the 2 calendars & Mr T gave me £5 back (or £20 towards a holiday to Jamaica) :O) When we got home the postman had been with 2 parcels for me, 1 from Teresa full of MOC's (thank you MWAH) & the other containing something for Teresa that I had sent away for last week ;O)

Lisa & Liam, along with all their friends, went out on the Razz last night so didn't surface until lunch time. It was lovely to see them walking down stairs & wishing everyone a good morning, whoops sorry, afternoon. They were on their way out to meet Skateboard Steve when I collard them for a photo. As it's SPS (Someones Portrait Saturday) over at HSMSHS today I thought this would double up for that too.Sam, always up for some fun, spotted Elena's pumpkin and well, the photos really speak for themselves ROFL. This afternoon Elena & I had a shopping trip to Newport. She chatted to me all the way there and we had a really lovely time. She took photos out of the window and the view from the car park lol. I like them because it shows how sunny it was today & I LOVE the sunshine & blue skies :O)

We managed to get Elena some new jeans & a green hoody. Her favourite colour at the moment is green. We finally found an umbrella small & light enough for her to carry to school (yep a green one). The only downside to High School is you don't have a locker so anything you take with you, including your coat, has to be carried around all day. So the little umbrella should be just right. She saw some lovely colourful lace up pumps (Elena calls them Converse) in the window of New Look but when we went to investigate the biggest ones were size 5. Her feet are size 7's so she was a bit disappointed.

I managed to get some Christmas presents from Boots. Did one shop & paid with points. Did another shop, bought 3 sundae glasses £8 each ...some Olay hand cream £4.97, some heated eyelash curlers £5.99, 17 foundation £5.49, 17 Eye Dazzle eyeshadow £3.99, got a free 17 blusher set. Handed over loads of vouchers, paid £18.48 & got 750pts back :O) So all in all a very good shopping day hehe.

Had a gorgeous roast chicken dinner tonight with homemade sausage & chestnut stuffing ~ thank you Andrew xXx We had a lovely chat about everything & nothing during tea & then Liam sorted out my iTunes on the computer. It's now in full working order, he is gorgeous isn't he :O)

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Teresa said...

Wow! what a busy day you've had. I love the photos especially the Sam ones!!
We've had a sunny day here today too but it's been windy (not just because Nik had brussels last night!)
Your blog is looking all spived up. I love what you've done to it it looks absolutely fab :O)
Love you lots and lots and sending everyone big hugs n kisses
xXx Tree xXx