Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hold On, Lisa & Liam Are Coming Home!

Guess what!! My gorgeous Lisa & fabulous Liam are coming home tomorrow for the weekend and I can't wait to see them. I have told them both they owe me a few weeks worth of hugs :O) I have missed them so much! I had a couple of text messages from Liam yesterday & then an e-mail last night. One of his 'house'mates (no pun intended) said to him, after watching the latest episode of House, that House was his Vicodine! What a fab saying!! That's exactly how I feel so I have added a photo of the very sexy Hugh Laurie to my side bar ---> thank you Liam for the quote :O)

Then, if that isn't enough, my lovely Gemma is coming to sleep next Friday & then we are all going to Derbyshire for a week for some quality time & R&R. It doesn't get any better than that does it :O)

Yesterday when Elena came home from school, we were going to nip to Tesco for some bits. We never got out of the door because Mum & Dad called round ~ enough said lol.

Had a doctors appointment at teatime so me & Elena toddled off back to Shanklin. Got some antibiotics for a lady problem ;O) Whilst we were waiting for the Doctor Elena took this photo of a picture on the wall, she thought it was funny lol. Then as we wandered over to the chemist to pick up the prescription we walked past a shop with this in the window. We just cracked up laughing because I thought they were selling weird fish, similar to the one we'd seen in the Doctors PMSL. Elena rolled her eyes at me ~ I love being an embarrassing Mum hehe.

In the evening I did a bit more Christmas shopping online. Unfortunately I can't post any details on my blog because they are presents for Liam & Lisa & one for Elena's birthday.

This morning at work I was talking to one of the caravan owners. He'd come in to pay a bill and we got talking about holidays. He was telling me that he went to the Maldives at the beginning of this year & is going back again in April next year. I told him that we are going next year too so he started telling me all about it. He said it is the best place he's ever been. Nothing to do apart from relax, sunbathe, swim, eat & drink lol. He goes to one of the larger Islands and it takes him an hour to walk round it! Ooo I can't wait :O) He told me not to take any dressy clothes as nobody dresses up. They live in swim wear, shorts, t-shirts & bare feet. Definitely a Robinson Crusoe experience. The best part of the trip for him was landing at Male airport (which takes up a whole Island). Male, the capital of the Maldives, is on an adjacent Island. (It's a small one packed full of high rise buildings so looks a bit out of place.) When you've been through immigration a bus takes you to the other side of the island where all the seaplanes are waiting. The seaplane ride is fabulous. The planes are small only carrying 17 people & the pilot flies really low so you can see everything.

Today's word over at HSMSHS is Hold. Elena's bedroom has come to the rescue again :O) This is Jack with his arm around Elena's Nightmare before Christmas photo frame. If you look closely the photo is of Lisa holding Elena too :O)

Elena likes a lot of things at the moment. The other day she was asking me why I thought she loved Halloween so much? Quite a hard question to answer when she doesn't even know herself. Anyway she started reeling off all the things that she loves so much ~ Halloween, the film Nightmare Before Christmas, the TV series Charmed & Ghost Whisperers. Any ideas? Is she turning into a Goth or is that something totally different?

The last photo I'm going to post is one Elena took of my hair last night. Shock horror it's a grey one!!! Elena thinks it's highly amusing and said she couldn't imagine me with grey hair. Well guess what kiddo, I'm not going grey cos I'm off to Tesco later to stock up on hair dye ROFLMAO!


Cheyne said...

Great hold take and ugh, on the gray...which reminds me, I need to call my hairdresser...

Teresa said...

OMG i love the brussel fish!! just cracked me up and the sign in the window was well spotted by Elena.
Nice to hear that Mr and Mrs Clegg are coming home, give them extra squishes from me :O)
Poor old you, a grey hair at 21 !!!(that is your age isn't it?)I have a blinkin head full and they're all caused by Jake!!! PMSL
Love you oodles xxxxXXXXxxxx

Teresa said...

Oooh and loved the photo for hold too. I love that movie. Wasn't Helen Bonham-Carter the voice for the girl?
Tree xxxx