Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boots Bargains

I had some letters to post this afternoon so, instead of walking down the road, I thought I'd go to Shanklin & call in at Boots. The sales assistants are really lovely in the Shanklin branch and today was no exception. A few weeks ago I had a couple of till spits to get £5 off face cream/toner etc. so I picked up some time delay products (Boots own brand) but decided, although they were free, I wouldn't use them so I asked the SA if I could swap them for something else. Apparently you're not supposed to swap make up & the like but after inspecting them to make sure they hadn't been used (which they hadn't) the SA agreed to let me have something else instead. It's only a little Boots with not much choice but I did manage to get this little lot. I paid the rest of the balance with a £10 gift voucher from pigsback and she ended up giving me 31p back plus a voucher for £5 off any No7 product (which is what I wanted) ~ how cool is that :O)

My bestest friend Teresa is on a road trip today with her wonderful other half Nik & my gorgeous little godson Max. They've been to Blackpool to pick up a vehicle as one of Nik's many jobs (he's very tallented you know) is vehicle recovery. There's been a running report on their progress over on Teresa's blog which has had me in stitches most of the morning :O) The problem is, although they are northeners, they don't seem to know what Blackpool Tower looks like ;O) so just for Teresa, this is it ... see it's very big and you can't miss it lol.

Now this one is just for you Tree xXx


Hazel said...

You did well at Boots - love it when you get bargains and vouchers.

Jenn said...

Great take on the prompt!

lovelylushlisa said...

OOOooo those cupcake thingies look yummy!!! Well done for all your bargains, I guess it runs in the family hey?! Love you lots xxxxx

Teresa said...

LOL you copycat! :OP
This should have been our first thought when the word 'stripes' came up, but it didn't dawn on me till afternoon (but i was up early yesterday)
Love ya xxx