Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Episode of House

OH MY GOD!!! Can House GET any better? I loved it!! Now I've got to wait another 7 days the next episode ~ not sure I can cope lol. Never mind it's only another 5 days until Season 4 comes out on DVD :O)) It will be nice to watch it on the TV rather than a little screen on the laptop.

Today's word at HSMSHS is 'Moist' so here's mine :O) Gemma came round to see us last night & stayed for tea. She showed me some photos of her new flat, bless her she is so excited. She can move in on the Monday we come home from our visit to the frozen North ;O) Andrew watched the new episode of Stargate Atlantis & then Gemma & I watched the last programme of Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food. Phoned Lisa to see if she was OK and then sat and wrapped Christmas Presents. What is it about presents, I always think they look so much better when they are wrapped. Maybe it comes from childhood excitement or maybe just the mystery of wondering what's inside? Who knows, I just hope, the people they have been bought for, like them :O)

Elena had her school photo taken the other day & has fetched it home for us to look at. She doesn't like it but I think it's lovely. Mum & Dad always buy one for their 'wall'. We've never bought one for years. I'm always shocked at the price & I know Mum & Dad have one so I only have to go round to their house to see them.

Andrew's back on the mainland tomorrow. Has to visit East Hempstead for some work conferency thing. (I think it's near Windsor somewhere). He works so hard & I love him for it. I know we've been married for a life time & I know he'll be back in the evening but I will miss him, I always do. We don't run into each others arms or anything like that when he comes home & we don't sit all night talking to each other either. It's just enough to know we're both under the same roof safe & sound. That sounds really soppy doesn't it, lol.


Sue Nicholson said...

I have a friend who loves House and watches repeats too :-)

Gosh the dew on that grass is amazing . . . very moist indeed. Be great to run through that barefoot :-)

I agree, presents look simply wonderful when wrapped :-)

Yesterday's reflect is beautiful and that flat is too.

Re your Tesco Clubcard points . . . I love these and use them all the time. How on Earth have you got soooo many !!!

Sue :-)

Teresa said...

LOL at 'moist' that was a brilliant interpretation, I'm ashamed to tell you that when i found out what the word was and i told Nik it we both had the same rude sense of humour PMSL. Anyway, enough of the rudeness.

Elena's school photo is lovely, doesn't she look grown up?

Awwww and i love what you said about Andrew and your feelings, it was lovely :O)

Love ya lots (6 sleeps till i see you!!!)
Tree xxxxxxxxxxxx