Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Serena Update

Andrew's just come home from work & said did I want the good news or the bad? The good news is the Serena (my bus) only needs a new hose, the bad news is, the one they sent to the garage was the wrong one & there isn't another on the Island. They have ordered another, but it will be Friday before it arrives. Well, I think I would rather wait for the part than it be a huge bill. Good job I swapped shifts with Lauren tomorrow as it looks like shanks's pony for me lol.

Shanks's pony, Going on ... - To walk. The original Shanks's pony was a horse-drawn lawnmower with nowhere for the driver to sit, so he had to walk along behind.

Oh flippin heck, just taken Elena & her friend to a dancing class in Shanklin & I've broken the on/off button off Andrew's car radio. ROFL, I'm not doing anything else today apart from go to bed ~ wish me luck :O)

This is my 750th post :O)

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SuzyB said...

Well done on being 750, you look cracking for that age, now go and put your feet up :o)