Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Oh dear, this is not turning out to be the best week in the world. Nothing too catastophic has happened, just little things that are annoying or upsetting. Won't bore you with all the details.

The bus went into the garage last night for repair. Whilst we were with Teresa & Nik in August, we mentioned that the handbreak warning light was on permanently. Nik, being the wizz he is where cars are concerned, knew what it was straight away and showed Andrew that the break fluid was low (more than low actually ~ yikes). So they filled up the break fluid & everything was OK until a few days ago when I set off to go to work & the same thing happened again. Nik did say that if it did hapen again we must have a leak. So the break fluid was again topped up & an appointment was made at the garage. Goodness knows how much it's going to cost.

So I got up this morning & flung open the curtains, Wednesday (I thought), my favourite day :O) For the last few Wednesday's I've been getting up, putting my dressing gown & slippers on, making a cup of tea & booting up the computer to watch the next installment of House. Shock, horror, this morning the episode isn't there, some sort of Presidential programme was on instead on the other side of the pond!! It won't be shown until 14th now ~ grrrr!!

I'm just going to have make do with the theme tune this morning ~ Teardrop by Massive Attack. Just about sums up my mood today.

Today is the day that something special is happeneing over at HS:MS. Been over to see what the buzz is all about & they have a new website, not only that, Anita has joined forces this time with the fabulous SuziB & Andrew ~ Mr Wigan himself. I thought I would make a special effort & join in with them so here's my 'welcome' :O) It's from Elena's 'Travel' Hangman' game. Just been outside & what a glorious day. The sun is shining, beautiful blue skies & it's really warm ~ 18 degrees ~ cool! (Well hot really lol) This leaf was on the grass & just begged to be photographed. It's from the Boston Ivy that's growing along the bargeboard of the garage. Not the best photo in the world but I thought the colours were stunning :O)


Diana said...

So good to see you back vanda - a big welcome from me

Igotmebabe said...

Great shots, love your "welcome"

Kerry said...

What a great idea for welcome.

sam said...

clever welcome,

Shannon said...

Hello! Not sure we have met! Shannon, here! Welcome back! I love all your shot for today! Looks like a neat game.

maz said...

Hi Vanda- great idea for your welcome shot!

SuzyB said...

I felt exactly the same about House, how dare they!!

Smashing idea for the prompt, and hope serana gets better very soon x