Friday, November 07, 2008

A Brush With Mr Potato Head

Andrew was supposed to go on the mainland again today so he got up at the crack of dawn. At 7:30 we had a phone call saying someone called Geoff ??? was poorly so the trip was cancelled & could he go into work as usual. Although I felt sorry for him that he had to get up so early I am pleased he will be home at the usual time ~ every cloud :O)

This new work rota is driving me mad at the moment. Now you would think that working Monday to Friday and having the weekend off would be the best rota ever. Don't get me wrong, it is. I get to spend the whole weekend with Andrew & the girls but I don't get time off in the week. It's things like shopping. I had got into such a routine that Monday morning I went to Tesco to stock up on food for the week but I was at work on Monday so the cupboards are bare! The washing gets done in the evening and I forget to pull it out of the washing machine & when I do remember it's dark outside so I can't hang it out. I think I know what the kids go through now at the start of the 6 weeks holidays. They are lost, out of their routine, don't know whether they're coming or going. Well that's what I am comparing it to at the moment as the alternative scares the c*** out of me ... getting old & turning into my Mum {shock-horror}!! Mind you it's been so hectic at work, I can't tell you how busy we've been ;O) Do you think the crisps, Tea & magazines give it away?photograph ~Nicky & Kerri in the office
Lisa & Liam are coming home today for the weekend. Can't wait to give them some cuddles :O)

Gemma has moved into her flat. One of the jobs this weekend is to take all her stuff up there for her. I have felt sorry for her as she hasn't been able to find anything properly since we decorated her room poor thing.

Here's today's HSMSHS word ~ brush :O) I was multi tasking this morning lol.

The best thing that's happened today was phoning Teresa after work. The postman had delivered a present to her ROFL. While we were staying at her house we went to see the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solice. We had a friendly argument about who was the best James Bond and of course I stuck up for the love of my life, Pierce Brosnan. Teresa didn't agree, because she LOVES Daniel Craig. Andrew was on my side and called Daniel Craig Mr Potato Head lol.

To be continued ....

Stop the press, news just in, just had a phone call from Liam asking me to pick them up ~ back soon :O)

Ok I'm back :O) Where was I, oh yes, Mr Potato Head lol. So we were having a laugh arguing over Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig. Then we got talking about the Bond theme tunes and Teresa said she would like a CD with them all on. We talked about Bond so much I dreamt about Pierce Brosnan that night but that's another story ;O) On the way home we hatched a plan. Andrew knew he had 2 James Bond CD's the same & wanted to send it to Teresa. So we sent this ... With this as the back cover lol ... Unfortunately I've deleted the photo of the wrapping by mistake but you can see it on Teresa's blog :O)

Elena took some photos while we drove to Ryde to pick up Lisa & Liam. We have to drive to the top of the pier because that's where the catamaran docks.

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