Saturday, November 08, 2008


It's SPS (self portrait Saturday) at HSMSHS today. Usually I don't join in because I hate seeing photos of me. I am much happier the other side of the lens. Today I've made an exception and put this one on my blog. I can't take any credit for it (obviously), as it was taken by my best friend in the whole wide world ~ Teresa :O) Although I am cringing at the sight of it I like it because it has encapsulates how I felt at the time ~ happy :O) Did I tell you we had a really fab time up north? (grin)

We've had a busy day today. Took Lisa to the doctors this morning and did a bit of shopping while I was waiting for her. Went to Tesco with Andrew & managed to get season 4 of House on DVD ~ yay!! Went to Newport this afternoon with Elena so I am definitely all shopped out this week :O) Andrew cooked us all a fabalicious roast chicken dinner with home made sausage & chestnut stuffing tonight with syrup sponge & custard for pudding. Then after tea we helped Gemma move all her stuff into her new flat. We made a chain of people down the stairs and passed things down from person to person until everything was moved from our bedroom to the bus, team work or what!! Then once we'd loaded it all in the bus we made another chain at Gemma's flat and passed it from outside right through to the front room. Hopefully now she'll be able to find all the stuff she knew she had but couldn't find :O)

A few weeks ago I was trying to find photos of the girls to make into calendars for the grandparents for Christmas. I realised how few pictures I have with all 3 of them. So I ceased the opportunity tonight. You can see by every ones red faces how hard we'd worked :O)

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Teresa said...

I'm glad you used my photo of you. Its a lovely one and is so 'you' :O)

I think the photos of the girls are lovely (the bottom one is my favourite) and i have saved them on my pc (hope you don't mind) Its nice to have one of them all together. I must get one done of the lads.
Love Tree xxxx