Thursday, November 06, 2008

Clinging to the Dead Man's Chest

It was bonfire night last night so off we trotted down to the pier to watch the fireworks. They said it started at 6:30pm which is quite early for us so we didn't get down to the beach until 7pm. We needn't have rushed. The fireworks didn't start until 8 o'clock. We had missed most of the lantern parade but managed to watch the fire eaters on the beach. After that they put on a magic show called dead mans chest where they locked a man in a trunk perched on a bonfire and set light to it. The man had to escape before he was burnt to death. Amazingly he ended up being the fire fighter at the end of the show. The kids loved it lol. The fireworks were let off at the end of the pier so they looked fab over the sea. The cold wind & drizzle didn't put anyone off from shouting oooo & aaahhh every time they went off. Elena took these :O) Someone's having a laugh today at HSMSHS because the word is cling?!! I logged on before I went to work this morning and ended up taking the camera with me just in case inspiration struck. Asked the girls at work if they could think of anything ~ no! Picked Elena up on the way home from work and asked her ~ nothing! Intended to find something around the house but Mum & Dad called round to see if we'd had a good time last week. Of course we said yes :O) They had also been away a couple of weekends ago to Bournmouth so they presented Elena with a gift. Elena's eyes lit up, sweets maybe, a stick of rock, a small toy or cuddly bear, nope, a set of bathroom stuff they had found in their hotel room!!! How to make a grandchild think she's special hmmph! Anyway, when they'd gone we had a laugh & she got this out of the packet & put it on ~ eureka ... Cling!!

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Teresa said...

Brilliant photos Elena! but i'm sorry i can't say the same for the shower cap :O( What a terrible thing to give you :O( *TUTS*
Looks like bonfire night is a not to be missed feature on the IOW, wish we'd been there.
Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps i have updated my blog