Monday, November 03, 2008

Christmas Hampers

I've made my first Christmas hamper tonight. It's taken ages but I'm pretty pleased with it. It just needs some ribbon, a bow & a gift tag & then it's finished :O) I'll upload a photo tomorrow because it's late now & I'm pooped. Been at work all day, we've started our winter rota now, which means no more evening or weekend shifts until next year. It was great to see Kerri & catch up with all the news at work. We picked the pets up from her tonight too & took some chocolates as a thank you. She loves chocolates!! I've also made something rather fab (if I say so myself) for a very special friend of mine whom I love dearly. It just needs finishing off tomorrow and then posting. I'm not going to say anymore because she reads my blog ;O)

The word today at HSMSHS is broken. I haven't had chance to sort out a photo so I thought I would upload this one from Hardwick Hall.

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Teresa said...

oooh hamper making? Are ya gonna be starting up a business? Can i pay £1 a week? LOL
Poor you having to work so hard, hope they were gentle with ya. Did Andrew have to hold the fish tank again over the speed bumps? and more importantly.....did he stay dry? ;O)
Not blogging today, been busy all day and i'm catching up on House series 4 (i'm up to episode 8 now) OMG how did i ever live without this website!!??
Love you lots xxxxxx