Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Is Coming

It really is :O) I LOVE Christmas, I love everything about it. Friends & family being together, having fun, decorations, lights, music, everything. Just in case you're thinking, flippin heck it's ages away yet, well, according to my Christmas countdown, there's only 39 days left! I've been wrapping up again today look ...Andrew came home yesterday with an armful of minced beef from Lidl (the best shop, in our opinion, to buy less fat, more taste, minced beef) & this ... It's something for me to make (gulp) it's a gingerbread house that you assemble yourself then ice and decorate ~ we'll give it a go :O)

This morning after our usual trip to Tesco, we emptied our bedroom and Andrew started decorating. Last but not least, one of the 4 tops I bought from Matalan last weekend just for Lisa ;O)

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Teresa said...

ohhh I love Christmas too!

I'm loving the gingerbread house, will you take a photo and post it on here when its done please?

Awww bless Andrew for decorating so near to Christmas, you house is starting to look like ours now with the bare floor boards)

Niks just said (laughingly) that your copying our bare (distressed) floor board look. You must of liked it so much when you came to stay! PMSL *tuts*

I loved what you said on my blog (that part about wanting a sister) Its the way i feel too and made me all warm and fuzzy :O) Love you so much for saying such a lovely thing. I definately consider you a sister and i'd love Andrew as my big brother too ;O)

If only you could pick your own LOL (Like strawberries) PMSL and eat the ones you don't want to take home. I'd have definately have eaten two sisters by now cos my real ones are terrible!

Love you oodles

Treee xxxx XXX xxxx