Friday, November 14, 2008

Grumpy Old Women :O)

What a lovely day we've had today. Been at work with Kerri & Nicky and had a great laugh. Yesterday we printed nearly 3000 address labels and stuck them on the envelopes ready for the 2009 brochures. Today we've had nothing to do again so filled the time talking etc. Wore my new Matalan jumper & necklace ~ snazzy hey! Got home & the postman had bought me a parcel from my bestest friend :O) I couldn't stop laughing when I opened it, just look it's a fridge magnet lol. The letter attached said ... I had to buy it for you because it reminded me of what we'd said we'd do when we're old. I can just see us sat in front of the TV watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' like the two old ladies in another 40 years time. lol Apparently Teresa's the one with the glasses, that looks like she's chewing on a wasp and I'm the sweeter looking one holding her hand :O) This goes back quite a few years when we made a pact. If we ended up on our own because the men in our lives had, well to put it bluntly, kicked the bucket lol, we would live together and rattle around in a big old house keeping each other company reminiscing about the 'good old days' lol. Thank you honey xXx

It's Pudsey Bear's day today and tonight in Morrisons, all the sales assistants were in fancy dress raising money for 'Children in Need'. I think we were served by Jack Sparrow's Dad lol. They had all made such a great effort you just couldn't walk away without making a donation.

Today's HSMSHS word was Music so here is the frog radio we keep in the bathroom. Talking of music, this is my favourite song today, Boyzone's Love You Anyway


Teresa said...

Loving the new necklace, jumper and cleavage! Tis definately your colour.

Glad you liked the magnet, I know its only a little something but when i saw i had to buy it, it really made me laugh and reminded me of all the stuffed we said we'd do when we're old and grey. Now you can look at it and think of me LOL

Love you millions and squillions
Tree xxxx

Teresa said...
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