Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Evening Of Entertainment

I watched more TV last night than I've ever done in one sitting I think. Watched Strictly Come Dancing but not sure what happened as I don't know who was voted off? Watched X-Factor and although a couple of the songs made me cringe a few of them were OK. What's with Diana's voice? Why is she still on the show? Oh yes, I'm not allowed to moan because I didn't vote. Not sure why anyone would want to throw their hard earned money at this stuff when there are much worthier causes if you ask me. But, in the name of entertainment, it was good watching. Then at the end of the night I sat through 'We Are Most Amused'. To quote 'The Times' ...

The Prince of Wales was subjected to a series of jibes about his lengthy wait to inherit the throne from some of the world’s highest profile comedians at a gala to celebrate his 60th birthday last night.

Robin Williams and Bill Bailey sang Birthday Blues, a twelve-bar blues song improvised backstage in 20 minutes, which depicted the Prince looking miserable while sitting in bed with the Duchess of Cornwall. The reason for his bad temper, they sang, was that “Your mother’s got two birthdays/ And you’ve only got one”.

The Prince, who attended the We Are Most Amused gala at the New Wimbledon Theatre in southwest London with the Duchess and Prince Harry, was also serenaded by Eric Idle, who adapted the lyrics to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. The former Monty Python comedian suggested that the Prince needed to cheer up about his wait for his coronation day: “If you’re 60 years of age/ And your mum won’t leave the stage.” The Prince, who occasionally rocked back and forth in his seat with laughter, was also told to “get a life” by Omid Djalili, a comedian of Iranian descent.

“I’ve done the Royal Variety Performance twice,” he said. “Prince Charles was there both times. To me, that’s not variety. Get a life! You don’t have to keep watching Iranians. That’s what you’ve got MI6 for.”

My own review of the proceedings ~ Shoot Joan Rivers, she is awful. Keep Bill Bailey & Omid Djalili as they were the only two that made me laugh and give Eric Idle a knighthood for a fantastic finale.

Edited to say: Lol your supposed to watch the dancing on Sunday evening to find out who's been voted off ~ you just can't get the staff can you ;O)

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Teresa said...

Oh! we watched all those programmes to except for the dancing.

I quite like Diana Vickers but she was everso mardy!

I also liked Daniel who was voted off but i think i liked him more for his sob story than his actual singing. I think Alexandra will win or maybe Eoghan will win by getting the 'Granny' vote, cos every granny love a young kid who can sing!

I agree with you about shooting Joan Rivers and John Cleese was really getting on my nerve with the stupid invalid performance. I loved seeing Andrew Sachs and i think it would have been nice for them to have done a longer Fawlty Towers sketch cos i love that show.

But, it was a good night of tv watching and i'm looking forward to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! tonight even if they have pick a rubbish bunch of people.

Love ya lots
Tree xxx