Monday, November 17, 2008

Does Size Matter?

What a productive weekend. Andrew's changed the radiator in our bedroom because the old one had started to leak. The new one is a different size as they don't make the old sizes anymore so he had to take up the floor boards, turn pipes round and re plumb the new radiator. He's wired in a new light in both ours & Lisa's bedroom, sorted out the paintwork round our window & undercoated all the architraves etc. It looks fab. He is SO clever but then he did spend 5 years at college learning carpentry and if that wasn't enough, he's got qualifications in electrics & plumbing too. You could say he's a very Handy Andy lol.

Now you'd think that decorating our bedroom would be enough for one person to do (as well as work 40 hours a week in a demanding job). But Andrew doesn't think so, he's changing the kitchen cupboard doors too. Again, all the sizes are different now. When did it happen? Who knicked all the old sizes? The ones he's taken off have only been up 15 years! Anyway, the doors have to be altered, every single one. At the moment we've got a selection of styles which I think is quite funky :O) Everything in our house is slowly turning white. I've left it up to Andrew so I think he's de personalising the house. The House Doctor says to depersonalise your house if you want to sell it so I think it's him being very sneaky. One day I'll wake up and we'll have moved lol. Nice try Mr H!

Me, I spent most of Sunday ferrying Elena to & from Ryde. Cleaned the conservatory and sorted out the plants. Washed the net curtains and cleaned all the windows inside.

We slept on the front room floor last night. Well not literally, we dragged the mattress out of our bedroom & slept on that. It's weird how everything 'sounds' different in the lounge and how new noises wake you up. The train, cars, dustbin men, people walking past the house. We'll just get used to it when we move back upstairs :O)

HSMSHS word today is button so here's a photo from my button box :O) A sneaky peek at the next episode of House ~ Let Them Eat Cake :O)


Teresa said...

No size doesn't matter (or thats what i keep telling Nik!)PMSL

OMG! Your married to flipping Superman!!! I won't recognise your place at New Year! Bedroom sound lovely and the kitchen cupboards are fab, you are gonna match them up though aren't you? LOL

Tell Andrew to calm down or you'll have to send him up to us!! we could use a superman here ;O)

Love you all lots and lots
Tree xxx XXX xxx

Teresa said...

Sorry, forgot to thank you about the News of the world heads up. Heads a shed at the moment *tuts*

Thanks honeybun, your a star! xxxx