Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where Are The Dragons When You Need Them?

We've been busy little bee's today. We took Elena to Newport this morning for a rehearsal at the church in St Thomas's Square. We went up to Curry's to try & find a freezer that would fit under the work top in the utility room then headed for Tesco. Came home and after lunch and the tiresome job of putting the shopping away we loaded some of the rubbish into the bus. We had old double glazed units, carpets, underlay, cardboard etc to get rid of. After two trips to Lynbottom tip, it was tea time.

Elena stayed in Newport with her friends to do some Christmas shopping and got home at 5pm. It's the first time she's been out without us like that. They had planned to catch the bus back home but ended up getting a lift back with Lucy's parents. Of course I was having kittens until she was back home safe & sound but you have to let them do these things. Elena had a fab time and can't wait to do it again.

Andrew has got the bit between his teeth and can't wait to get the kitchen sorted. We were just going to change the cupboard doors & work top until I suggested he get himself a new oven. I know we've only had the cooker 2 years and there really is nothing wrong with it apart from the oven being so tiny, (you can't even get a normal size oven tray in it). I know how much he struggles when he's cooking so I made the suggestion that, as he is putting in new work tops, a bigger oven might be worth investing in.

Gemma & Matt came round again and had lunch with us. Gemma is worried at the moment that she might lose her job. Woolworths has gone into administration so things aren't looking too good. Whatever will be will be unfortunately. I did suggest that we write to Theo Popolopolopodus (Theo Paphitis from Dragon's Den) & ask him if he would take it on because we all think he could work his magic & get the company back on its feet. Well, any of the dragons, we're not fussy lol. We'll have to start a facebook campaign :O)

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Teresa said...

OMG! you have been busy, you put me to shame LOL

Its nice to hear Elena had a good time with her mates. They do grow up fast don't they? I hope rehersals are going well and 'break a theatrical leg' for the show.

Ooooooooo a new cooker, now i'm wondering what magical creations Andrew can make with more room to use LOL

Its definately bad about Woolies. I hope something good happens and it can be saved. Its a terrible time of year for it to happen. Although i don't suppose there is a good time. Give Gemma a big hug from me. Got my fingers crossed.

Love to you all
Tree xxxXXXxxx