Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Recipes

Pub. Mmmmm, not a place we usually go but HSMSHS wants a photo. Last time we went to a 'pub' was in Jamaica so this is just another excuse to show some holiday photos :O) Last night after tea Andrew had all the cookery books out in the kitchen trying to make a list of ingredients for a Christmas cake, Christmas puddings & mincemeat. No matter how hard he tried going from one book to another he couldn't get to grips with how many ounces of flour, dried fruit etc. we needed. After making fun of him trying to multi task, we made a table of ingredients we needed to buy, in a spread sheet on the computer (anal I know). We must have spent half an hour doing it as he kept adding to the list. As far as I'm concerned you buy marzipan in a block from the shop, but no, Andrew wants to make his from scratch. Andrew, I said, you can buy royal icing in powdered form from Tesco. Nope, he wants to make that from scratch too. I wouldn't mind but 10 minutes before the cookery books came out, he was planning the decoration of our bedroom this weekend and changing the cupboard doors in the kitchen.

Yes I know he's fab :O)

Anyway, we printed off the table of ingredients and got the packets of dried fruit, nuts & cherries out of the kitchen cupboards. Easy now we had a list. We soon fell about laughing, all the packet stuff was in metric and we had spent ages working out imperial measurements lol. Does that make us old or just daft???

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Teresa said...

I could just drink that glass of green stuff (hope its not window cleaner though) Lovely photo, looks like you could just reach out and pick it up. I can see myself sipping one of those by a pool!

Love ya
Tree xxxxx