Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Were You With In The Moonlight?

It's been just as busy at work today as it was yesterday with the added distraction of Johnny on the roof. He's been using the pressure washer to remove all the moss & muck from the tiles of the reception. It needed doing but it was sooo noisy! It was making the floor of our little tin shed (office) vibrate which in turn made our feet & teeth vibrate strangely??! Thank goodness it's Friday that's all I can say :O)

On the 'I'm A Celebrity' front: We've all been trying to remember the songs Dollar used to sing, so I've been having a look on YouTube. OMG I embrressed to say I have found a song I know & love! David Van Day doesn't look anything like that now does he?

What do you think? I really didn't like him when he first went into the jungle but now I love to hate him. He's like a baddy in a pantomime lol. I couldn't stand to watch it if there was only Danni, Carly, Brian & Martina Navratilova left in there, I'd die of boredom lol.

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Teresa said...

Oh poor you another hard day. I bet the roof cleaning was a pain in the bum, especially if you had phone calls to make.

I'm sorry but i can't like the Dollar song, its absolutely terrible! LOL I can't stand the bloke but i do agree with you, that it does make for good viewing. I wish they'd give him something horrible to do though, cos he's so mardy LOL

Sorry i've not been on for a few says but felt dreadful. Had a really good day today though, so fingers crossed.

The postie came and brought me some goodies :O) Thank you so much. The bibs were lovely (thank you too, Elena)and the petrol coupons are always gratefully received :O)

Love ya tonnes
Tree xxxXXXxxx