Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pirate Flags

OMG, OMG, I'm jumping up and down with excitement, I have 100 flags!! I have been waiting over 6 months for my Neocounter to reach a century ~ wow!

It's funny really because when we've had nothing to do at work this week & last, we've been playing the Geo Challenge game on face book. A bit of a competition has arisen between Kerri, Nicky & myself and although I lost my lead yesterday I regained the top score today :O) There are 3 stages, naming flags, naming countries & placing cities of the world in the correct place. It's very addictive lol. Tonight Andrew came home a bit earlier than usual so made the Christmas cake & mincemeat whilst I cleaned up after him. Team work hey! Took Elena to the dentist after school for her 6 month check up. The orthodontist signed her off in March but wrote a letter to the dentist saying when her upper right 5 breaks through she needs it extracting. Well it's broken through and is poking out the roof of her mouth. This is good news (although she says it feels horrible) because it hasn't affected the alignment of any teeth. Her appointment is in January.

I swear the words over at HSMSHS are definitely getting harder. Today's word is Fake?!!! Elena has come to the rescue again with a photo she took the other day in Ryde. It's a pirate ship in the fun fair on Ryde seafront. Talking of pirates have you seen the news about the Somali Pirates. I wonder how many more boats they're going to Hijack?

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Teresa said...

LOL @ you and the flags on neo! and i'm glad your keeping busy at work too! ;OP ROFLMAO

Poor Elena :O( I hope shes ok about having a tooth out. Tell her that all the lads got £5 for each extraction prior to their brace fittings LOL so she'll have to submit her bill! he he

Well done to Andrew for making a cake (tell him to save me a bit for the new year cos last years was totally gorgeous) What recipe does he use? Is it out of the Bero book? Cos i might have a go at making one this year. Is there no end to his talents? You are one lucky chicken!

Love you lots and lots
Tree xxx XXX xxx