Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Game's Afoot

We have had to wait two whole weeks for the next episode of House & it's nearly killed me lol. Every day for the past 14 days I've got up, showered, got dressed & either gone to work or done something constructive. This morning has been pure indulgence. Stayed in bed till 10am (how lazy is that), put my dressing gown & slippers on. Booted up the laptop, made a cup of tea & sat & watched the next installment of House. It was worth waiting for. What a brilliant episode! I am so pleased they carried the story line on of House & Cuddy. I wonder if they'll ever get together? It was great to see a lot more of Cameron & Chase & it's so good to have Wilson back. What more could you want from your favourite TV show :O) Yesterday after work Elena & I went back to Matalan to see if we could find a plain T-shirt for drama. She's doing a show called Rock Nativity in a few weeks time hence all the rehearsals. It's harder than you think trying to find a top with no frills or extra colours but we managed. I bought 4 T-shirts in different colours for me at £3 each, (they'll do for work) when Elena spotted a drinks bottle for school. It's very snazzy with an inner core that you freeze so it keeps your drink cool all day. She was happy.

This afternoon I've been making Elena a Christmas hamper full of bath stuff. Wrapped most of the presents that I hadn't got round to last week, so I think I'm up to date now. I can't believe how organised I am this year lol. I'm sure the name Santa Claus lost something in translation, I swear it should be Mother Christmas :O)

Today's word over at HSMSHS was Game so here's my photo. It's Elena's favourite game on the DS at the moment. Now, I think Andrew thinks it's his birthday because, don't faint, I've cooked the tea :S Lasagne with garlic tear & share bread & salad leaves (Elena did the salad). Not only that, Andrew ate the lot. Cleaned his plate he did (in the past he's refused to even eat my cooking lol). Is this a sign of things to come??? Nah!

My favourite music today
Girls Aloud - The Promise
Josh Groban - To Where You Are (I've loved this song since the first time I heard it on Ally McBeal years ago) I've asked Father Christmas for his new album ~ Awake :O)
The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved (Elena's favourite song too)

Photos I've pinched from Lisa's facebook :O)
Liam & Tillett ...Lisa & Liam at Thorpe Park ... Lisa & Skateboard Steve ...

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Teresa said...

Oh WOW! Well done you!!!
That Lasagne looks yummy. Be careful though cos if you get too good Andrew will have you doing it every night LOL ;O)

Love the photos in Jamaica and the 'stolen' ones from Lisa. I love seeing how the other half live PMSL

Love ya oodles xxxx