Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Panic Duck!!!

Do you want the good or the bad news from work today? The good news is, that Lauren has got engaged to the man of her dreams, Jay. I hope they will be really happy together :O) This is her engagement ring, unusual isn't it. The bad news is, Paul STILL hasn't done anything about updating our bookings system and I am getting really worried now. Never mind, Teresa bought me some extra buttons for my keyboard at work, which have been stuck in place this morning, I'm sure they will come in very handy, lol. Last night after tea, Andrew, although he felt cream crackered, continued working in the utility room. He took out the double cupboard on the left hand side, finished plumbing in the washing machine & dishwasher and plastered over the wall where he'd moved the plugs etc. It's getting there now and should be ready for the new mighty fridge freezer that's due to be delivered sometime next week. Here's the second photo of my 365 project ...

No. 2Andrew thought I'd lost the plot when I bought Elena these ducks for the bath at Christmas but I knew she'd love them ~ and she did (cos she's quackers) :O)

One headline that caught my eye in the news today was this...

Almost the entire 1911 census goes online for public access on Tuesday. Organisers hope to avoid a repeat of the deluge that shut the 1901 census website last time.

The answers to thousands of questions lurk within the two kilometres of shelving space taken up by the 1911 census documents at the National Archives in London.

Among the eight million returns are family secrets that have lain undiscovered for generations and pages inhabited by the previously unknown relatives of those alive today.

I hadn't realised the 1911 census was due out so soon. I presumed it would be out on the 1 Jan 2012 as the 1901 was online 1 Jan 2002. I've downloaded a couple of pages of my family which is really exciting. It was the first time people filled out the census returns themselves so it's great to see their handwriting :O)

Andrew's not very happy today, his beloved Stargate Atlantis is coming to an end. Tonight they are showing the last ever episode and he's gutted. Me, I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment of House. It's being aired in the USA on Monday 19th Jan ~ roll on!

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Elena said...

I love the photo off the buttons.

love u lots and lots like jelly tots.