Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eddie The Eagle Edwards?

Just pinched this from Skateboard Steve ~ thank you X Quick update ~ Lisa has finished her last essay :O)

Just remembered... We bought a Mr Potato head for Max for Christmas (Andrew's idea) and he loved it. Andrew wanted to buy it as a joke for Teresa because she loves Daniel Craig but we call him Mr Potato Head. Max was a star and soon picked up on the joke. Every time we asked who it was he would say 'Daniel Craig' lol.

Lisa was on the pill and had to come off it because her blood pressure was sky high. The Doctor suggested that she have injections every few weeks instead (it's a relatively new form of contraception) but you should have seen the state of her skin. Her back and face broke out in huge spots poor thing. So she made yet another appointment at the doctors to see what could be done. This time they suggested an implant in her arm, which she agreed to, so an appointment was made to have it put in. Liam took her to the Doctors and they went to the desk and said Lisa H to see Dr Rocher please. A puzzled looking receptionist said she was sorry but they had no Dr Rocher? Both Lisa & Liam were stumped until the receptionist suggested a Dr Ferroro roflmao. An easy mistake to make I guess ;O) God I love that girl !!!

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