Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resolutions & Passamaquoddy

I have forgotten to blog my New Years resolutions so here goes...
1) To eat less
2) To exercise more
or should that be eat more & exercise less?? I always get those two mixed up ;O)
And just for Teresa

So it's Sunday & I'm sat at work on the most uncomfortable chair in the world, (note to self: bring in a cushion to stop certain body parts from falling asleep) waiting for the bookings to pour in. Nothings happened yet so I have decided to read the book Elena bought me for Christmas (along with the Mamma Mia DVD & wheat bag). I can read now, did I tell you :O) It's Stephen Fry's book of his tour around America. Guess what greeted me on the first page! This ... I know, it's nothing to get excited about really, but we are a very rare breed you know, us 'Vanda's' lol.

Anyway, in between phone calls that have since trickled in & the paper work related to them I have begun my tour around all 50 states of the USA courtesy of the wonderful Mr Fry. I'm in Maine at the moment. The only thing I know about Maine is their famous lobsters! You know, in the film Crocodile Dundee, when the baddy announces he's had his lobsters 'flown in from Maine' ;O) Another piece of useless but exciting information (for me anyway) is a place called Passamaquoddy ~ it really exists! Is that not the place they go on about in the Disney film Pete's Dragon? I thought they'd made it up lol.

So Maine & New Hampshire have been and gone (along with a piece of Andrew's homemade bread smothered in homemade lemon curd & several cups of tea) and I'm now about to travel through Massachusetts. The land of Andrew's Godfather, Brian & the source of lots of Andrew's photos before he found me. This is what the title says ~ 'By twelve o'clock it's all over and everyone is in bed. There's more true Gothic horror in a digestive biscuit, but never mind.' ROFL I love Stephen Fry or more to the point, I love the way his brain works :O) Laugh, indeed I have!

A few phone calls for brochures & a couple of bookings later my donkey (ass) is still numb so I've fashioned a pillow out of my coat & made a make shift book stand from a mouse pad & sellotape dispenser (who said all those years of Blue Peter wouldn't come in handy ~ I was built for comfort). This, if you were wondering, is to stop me from getting neck ache, sheeesh it's a hard life! Digressing for just a minute, the coat cushion is wonderful but I could feel something hard between my legs, on investigation it turns out to be a pair of gloves & a small packet of tissues roflmao. Back to the marvellous Stephen Fry in America (and another cup of tea of course)! So I've visited Rhode Island, albeit through words & photographs, Connecticut & we're now wandering happily through Vermont.

Today, as you can imagine has gone super fast. Roll on next Sunday if it's going to be this good :O)

While I've been gallivanting across America, super hero Andrew has been dismantling the utility room and moving the plumbing to accommodate the new & old kitchen appliances. Is there no end to this man's talents :O) The downside to this is... no dishwasher tonight, which I'm not that bothered about and Sponge Bob & Gary the fish, are on holiday in the dining room. Again it's not a great problem except the tank makes a Chinese dripping water torture sound as it's being filtered. I managed 10 minutes in there before I needed to go to the toilet AND our bedroom is directly above it !!! Tonight is the last meal we'll have with Lisa & Liam before they head back to the mainland for another semester at University. The next time they are back will be the Easter holidays unless they come for an odd weekend.

And finally Elena ~ apparently she's bored!

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Gemma said...


Passamaquoddy is where Pete's Dragon was set, with Jim Dale as the baddy, he always scared the socks off of me when I was little, but now I just see him characters such as Marshal P.Knut out of the Carry on's, lol.

The only other thing that springs to mind about Maine is that it is the setting for Murder She Wrote. :-)

See you soon.

Gemma xxx