Saturday, January 10, 2009


The freezing conditions outside are supposed to end tomorrow. Gem came round yesterday & showed me some photos of the ducks walking over the iced up river in Newport. I haven't got anything so thrilling in the garden but I did take these ... We called to see the vegetable man in Brading on the way home from Tesco this morning to buy another sack of potatoes. Andrew's been making everyone's mouth water this afternoon. A wonderful aroma of homemade bread with sun dried tomatoes has been wafting in from the kitchen and the smell was divine. Lisa's invented a new lunch time treat by smothering a thick slice of it in cheese & sliced tomatoes and melting it under the grill. It tastes like expensive pizza & it's to die for :O)

There seems to be a phantom cotton bud user in our house and it's caused major problems. Someone has stuffed half a dozen cotton buds down the upstairs bathroom sink causing it to block solid. Andrew (office worker by day & super hero by night) has managed, with a hell of a struggle, to clear it. As if he hasn't got enough to do poor thing. The weirdest part is the cotton buds that were down there were blue but we only have white ones??!! Nevermind, all's well that end's well as they say. My bestest friend in the whole world bought him a Superman T-shirt for Christmas, she knows him well :O)

Last night Liam showed me how to download programmes from the BBC iPlayer so I watched 2 episodes of 'Three men in more than one boat', which I loved (even though I can't stand Rory McGrath). After their two previous outings Griff Rhys-Jones, Dara O Briain and Rory McGrath return for a third one.
Thank you Liam xXx

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